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THE CONSTITUTION, ATLANTA, GA-, FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1939 PAGE TWENTY-F1 VE THE SOUTHS STANDARD NEWSPAPER AlT Be Back at 2d Today EDUCATOR ASSAILS 'DISGRACE' CLAUSE Reunion of Presbyterian Units Moves Step Nearer, Report Shows Dr. T. W. Carrie, Chairman of Unification Group, Pre diets That Department of Co-operation Would Iook -With Favor Upon the Combination, 'v FUNERAL NOTICES NORMAN, Mrs. J.

T. Funeral services for Mrs. J. Norman will be held today (Tuesday) at 11 o'clock from the- Pleasant Grove M. E.

church. Ttev. Lon Evans will officiate. Interment, Paul T. Donehoo.

Technician Repl CRACKERS Continued From First Sports Page. aces i Reunion of the Northern and Southern branches of the Presby terian Church in America moved MAULDIN TO BE IN LEFT FIELD; BURGE BENCHED El Chico as Favorite WoolP Hopeful Quoted at 5-1; Chico, Chal-ledon, Johnstown Can Be Had at 6-1. LOUISVILLE, April 20. (Technician, Herbert M. Woolfs Kentucky Derby nominee, has replaced El Chico as the winter-book favorite to win the Churchill Downs classic May 6.

Latest reports quote Technician at 5 to 1, while El Chico, Challe-don and Johnstown are equal choices at 6 to 1. Porter's Mite and Xalapa Clown rate 10 to 1. Hash and Third. Degree, the Greentree Stable's eligibles, have moved up to 15 to 1 in the same bracket with Ariel Toy. T.

M. Dorset has dropped to 20 to 1. Al Rubeling Moved Back to Old Post at Third. Labor Hears Legislature Flayed for School Situation. AUGUSTA, April 20.

(P) Delegates to the Georgia Federation of Labor's 41st annual convention here today were by Dean Eric W. Hardy, president of Augusta Junior in a direct attack on the so-called "grandfather clause, to go on record as favoring abolishment of "such collective crookedness." -Condemning the state's practice of carrying out provisions of the clause which, he said, "in effect repudiates the unpaid obligations of its employes at the end of the fiscal Dean Hardy said: "I contend that when the state refuses to keep faith even in the payment of these disgracefully low wages, hiding behind a damnable thing like the 'grandfather that every red-blooded citizen should hang his head in shame. Before God, I ask why the state the collective expression of you and me should be less honest and honorable than I should be as an individual citizen. challenge that no decent man can be the silent partner in any such collective crookedness." ties for the Smoky series and indicates the Utile gardener might be well on his way back to the big show. Russ Peters, who is supposed to be a great fielder and a weak sister at the plate, continued to pole 'em far and wide.

He clouted his second homer in as many days in addition to a single. And he robbed once. Pete Stein was wild at the start. He walked Hafey, first man to face him, and had to groove one to Jim McLeod. After the count had reached three and one, the Smoky short-stopper knocked the ball over the left field fence, giving Knoxville a 2-0 lead.

BURGE WALKED. The Crackers got one in the second when Lester Burge walked and gaHoped to third on Richards' single to center, but Richards ran too far toward second and was thrown out trying to make it. back to first He and Umpire Kober, a thorn in the Crackers' side in this series, went at it again with verbal swords, but the umpire won. In workouts today at the still provision be made for' local self-government through erection of reorganized regional synods and that presbyteries remain as they are. General Assembly.

It also was stipulated by the Northern department on co-operation and union that the unity of the church be maintained and expressed through a general assembly which, in co-operation with the presbyteries, would have authority in regard to any change of the constitution. Negro congregations, presbyteries and synods would continue at present under the proposed plan of reunion of the Northern church except where they; may be combined. Provisions Listed. In outlining the provisions set forth by the Northern department of co-operation and union, Dr. Currie.

stated that the Southern committee felt that further study of the matter should be based on the general principles, including the question of the size of the proposed reorganized regional synods; the question of maintaining within each reorganized synod, if it is not of sufficient size, headquarters for assembly's work; or, if the synods are more numerous, following largely the present boundaries, the question of maintaining regional headquarters for the assembly's work in several places, each to serve the adjacent synods. a step nearer consummation with the release yesterday of the findings of the permanent committee on co-operation and union of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (Southern), which met here several weeks ago to consider the proposed unification. It-will be presented to the general assembly of the Southern ctfurch at its annual session late next month at Mon treat, N. C. Reunion Favored.

Dr. T. Currie, chairman of the committee, declared that as a result of a conference with the department of co-operation and union of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A.

the Northern church would look with favor upon a plan of reunion providing, among other things, that the standards of the two churches be made the basis of the reunion. The Northern committee also specified that a brief statement of the church's faith be drawn up, based upon the brief statement adopted by the general assembly of the United States of America church in 1902 and the brief statement adopted by the general assembly of the United States of America church in 1913 and that DRIVE TO PURCHASE FOREST TRACT SET MARTIN, Miss Ollie run era 1 services for Miss Ollie Martin, who died Wednesday at the residence, Adams Bolton, will be held at 2:30 o'clock this (Friday) afternoon from New Harmony Baptist church near dimming, Ga. Rev. Randy Garner and Rev. Van Stewart will officiate.

Funeral cortege will leave the residence at 12 o'clock. Interment, churchyard. Awtry Lowndes. HOLLIDAY, Sister Mary Melanie. Fiends of Sister Mary Melanie Holhday, of the Sisters of Mercy; Mr and Mrs.

J. Holliday and Mrs. Marie Holliday Ma-honey are invited to attend the funeral of Sister Mary Melanie Holliday this (Friday) morning at 9 o'clock, at St. Joseph's Infirmary Chapel, Rev. Father James Reilly, S.

officiating. Interment will be in West View cemetery. The following nephews are to serve as pallbearers and kindly assemble at St Joseph's at 8:45 o'clock: Mr. Edward Holliday, Mr. Joe Holliday.

Mr. Alfred Young, Mr. Robert Young, Mr. Robert Merriman and Mr. Pascal Rapier.

Sam R. Greenberg Company? Raymond Bloomfield in charge. MANER, Mr, J. Larue The friends and relatives, of Mr. J.

Larue Maner, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jordan and family, Mr. and Mrs. W.

'R. Felker, Mr. and Mrs. C. T.

Maner and Belle Clinkscales, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Maner, Mr.

and Mrs. O. A. Maner and family, Mrs. C.

E. Feathers, Mrs. S. R. Lee and Mrs.

N. M. Hill are yivited to attend the funeral of Mr. J. Larue Maner this (Friday) afternoon, April 21.

1939. at 2 from the Collins Springs muddy strip, Xalapa Clown starting from the wire, turned ina mile at 1:43 4-5. Xalapa Clown was joined in his workout by Gay Troubadour. John Marsch's Lightspur, working for the first time with Blinkers and accompanied by Tack Point, from the Brown Fetter stables, a mile in 1:44 2-5. Weisenheimer, owned by Mrs.

Marsch, covered five-eighths handily in 1:03. At Douglas Park, Mrs. C. Greg Call Assembly Back. He urged the delegates to en ory's Derby eligible, Lostagal, worked five-eighths in 1:01 fiat.

The' filly is the latest Derby nominee to arrive here. FURMAN HANDS BUFORD 4-2 LOSS BUFORD, 'April '20. Fur-man University's fine baseball team gave Buf ord's Shoemakers one "of their few defeats of the season here this afternoon. The score was 4 to 2. Buford outhit the collegians nine to five, but could not bunch the safeties except in the sixth and ninth innings.

Furman bunched its hits in the second and third innings enough to win the game. Byers aided his own game with a home run and kept Buford's nine hits well under Furman .021 001 0004 5 9 Buford 000 001 0012 9 2 Byers and Sietley: Nixo. Hammond. Munn and Almand, Kimbrell. Women Golfers Vie At Druid Hills Today Women members of the Druid Hills Golf Club will open their courage a resolution calling the general assembly back into ses sion before "the grandfather clause takes its toll June 30," and take the present situation intoTronr sideration.

and "defend the only sure means' by which democracy FUNERAL NOTICES may be saved. Governor Rivers, in his annual talk to the convention, told dele $35,000 Sought; Land To Be Given to Emory and gates that the state administration program since he nas Deen in 01 fice has always been "labor's pro Burge came home when McLeod snared Rucker's vicious grounder and tossed him out. Babe Young's drive got by Mailho for a triple in the third, scoring Hafey, who had singled, and giving the home team a 3-1 lead. Emil Mailho's seventh double of the infant campaign whirled down the right field line to open the Cracker fourth. Lester Burge's bat accidentally got in the way of a pitch and Reitz, playing third in place of Hal King, him out on a slow roller, which sent Mailho to third.

The Frenchman came home when McLeod muffed Richards' grounder. Paul stole second, but Rucker and Rubeling popped out. Elmer Klumpp doubled to left and scored the fourth Knoxville run. on Swigart's Texas leaguer back of second in the Smoky fourth. 368-FOOT HOMER.

Peters' 368-foot homer over th left center fence in the fifth left Agnes Scott. By THAD IIOLT. KNOXVILLE, April 20. Alf Anderson will be back at second base and Marshall Mauldin will patrol leftfield in the place of the inexperienced Lester Burge when the Crackers open a three-game series in Chattanooga tomorrow. Al Rubeling will play third.

It was announced in The Constitution Thursday morning that Anderson was being given a rest when he failed to play Wednesday. Two Atlanta newspapers boldly implied that Anderson was something akin to a washout as a second baseman, and hinted strongly that he was on his way to one of the Cracker farms. WAS UNIMPRESSIVE. It is true Anderson was unimpressive in last Tuesday's game which the Crackers lost, 12-11. There is an old saying, "They all look bad when they're losing," but there was no earthly reason to condemn a youngster who might yet be one of the league's ranking players in There never has been anything wrong with Anderson's batting eye.

He can whale that h'orsehide, and basically, there was nothing wrong with his fielding. Russ Peters, a fielding master, took Anderson under his wing yesterday and today and taught him a few minor things whijh appear to have worked wonders. Mainly, Andy was not charging the ball correctly. With his speed he can cover world's of territory, with better timing. "He looked like a second Geh-ringer today," said Peters after pre-game practice.

Russ thinks Alf has the goods. He should be a fair judge. He has worked with quite a few good and bad second basem*n. REPLACES BURGE. In replacing Burge, a heavy hitter, with the accomplished Mauldin, Richards apparently, believes that Lester is still a year away.

His inexperience comes shockingly to light in the tight' places. After all, Burge has less than one season of professional ball back of him. Richards will drastically shake up his batting order tomorrow in tin effort to find a clicking combination. Boiling will lead off and will be followed by Anderson, Mailho, Richards, Mauldin, Peters, Rucker and Rubeling. Harry John- gram for advancement of the rank A campaign to raise $35,000 to and file." He said he wanted organized purchase a 70-acre tract of forest land, known as "Fernbank Forest," on Clifton road in Druid HARRIS, Mr.

W. R. The friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. W.

R. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.

Coy, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Harris, Mr.

and Mrs. H. L. Harris and Mr. and Mrs.

C. H. Harris are invited to attend the" funeral of Mr. W. R.

Harris this (Friday) afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the East -Point Church of Christ. Rev. W. C. Neal will officiate.

The following gentlemen will serve as pallbearers and please assemble at the chapel at 2 o'clock: Mr. E. R. Dean, Mr. S.

Ellis, Mr. R. L. Baker, Mr. W.

A. McDaniel, Mr. Will Davis and Mr. John Shepherd. Interment, Crest Lawn.

Howard L. Carmichael. labor to support revenue measures to "pay the bills of the state's program," but he suggested no specific methods of raising the Hills, and give it to Emory Uni Rev. L. Maner will officiate and interment will be in the churchyard.

Pallbearers will be selected from Bolton Lodge, No. 416, F. A and meet at the church at 1 :45 o'clock. The Masons will have charge of services at the grave. Henry M.

Blanchard Funeral Home, 1083 Peachtree street, N. E. necessary $8,500,000. versity and Agnes Scott College spring schedule at 9 o'clock this morning in a special one-day play. Special prizes will be given for both nine and 18-hole competition, as well as for the least number of putts for the day.

EL Chico Does Mile In 1:40 3-5; Runs Soon NEW YORK, April 20. (IP) If you have any lingering worries about El Chico's chances in the Derby, take Trainer Matt Brady's word for. it this is no time to hedge your bets. The little red -headed son of John Grier-La Chica lost his first race last Saturday, a six-furlong allowance, and immediately 09 per cent of the folks who liked those 4-1 winter book odds on the colt, gave him the cold shoulder. "So our little fellow can't go the route, eh?" he asked.

"Well, we let him out on the training track here at Belmont park this morning. It was heavy and soft from the two days of rain. And what do you think? He only ran the mile in 1:40 3-5. Why, we're so pleased with him, we'll probably run him righ'. back again in the Stuyvesant Handicap this Saturday." Inasmuch as the latest workout for another highly regarded Derby hopeful, Herbert M.

Woolf 's Technician, was 1:43 2-5 at Churchill Downs, you get the idea that William Ziegler chestnut candidate was doing some fair to middling stepping in the grey dawn this morning. for study and recreation, will get underway Monday, T. Guy Wool-ford, chairman of the campaign, DR. PUSEY DISCUSSES LIVING WITHIN BUDGET Special to THE CONSTITUTION. ATHENS, April 20.

Dr. E. announced yesterday. Former home of the late Col Luncheon will be served at tne club, immediately following the 18-hole tournament play. the Crackers still one run back The Crackers finally caught the THOMPSON The friends and relatives of Mr! John Floyd Thompson, Miss Thelma Thompson, Decatur: Mr.

and Mrs. H. C. Mc- D. Pusey, of the University of Georgia, told the Athens League of Women Voters that certain governmental weaknesses must be onel Z.

D. Harrison, for sixty years clerk of the supreme court of Georgia, the tract will be used as an arboretum, a natural park or bmokies in the sixth. EmU Mailho, better than a number of outfielders in the majors, singled to cen rectified in Georgia before "we ter. He took second as Meyer maintained as a conservation proj can live within our budget. ect, Woolford said.

Preliminary plans were mapped mrew out isurge. Manager Richards' drive' through the box almosi tore off Swigart's leg and scored the happy little Frenchman. One of these weaknesses, he said, is the practice of making large legislative appropriations last week at a dinner at Wool ford's home. Mrs. Robert L.

Coon The Smokies threated in the ey was named chairman of the without, at the same time, arranging to get the funds with which to pay the appropriations. woman's committee, with Mrs Arthur Tufts as co-chairman. ston will pitch. HilVs Pinch Double Not Insignificant Help Insignificant perhaps to many people, that pinch double Johnny Hill delivered for the Bees against the Phillies Wednesday. But Paul Richards thought it highly important.

It is no secret the Crackers are hopeful the Southern association's leading hitter of 1938. will be returned. But that double yesterday "Must of tried to curve spoke up Marshall "Team" is the Crackers' name for Douglasville Johnny. COLLINS, Mrs. Gertrude Hill 45, 1334 Washington avenue, Miami Beach, passed away in a Miami Beach Wednesday morning after an illness of one week.

She had been a resident of Miami Beach for 10 years, formerly from Cleveland, Ohio, and Birmingham, Ala. She was a member of Stagnes Catholic church of Cleveland. Survived by husband. Berry H. Collins; daughter, Mrs.

Frank McNitt, South-bride, father, Guy H. Hill, Cleveland, Ohio; sister, Mary A. Hill, Miami Beach. The remains will be sent to Allenville, where services and burial will be made on Saturday, April 22. Philbrick Funeral Home.

No state can keep out of debt without knowing in advance how The executive committee will meet Monday at the drive's headquarters, 1305 First National Bank building. The committee is composed of Mrs. J. N. McEachern Dr.

J. R. McCain, William T. Rich, Mrs. S.

M. Inman, Dr. J. Sam Guy. much money it can depend upon receiving, and how much it is going to be able to spend during the fiscal year, Dr.

Pusey said. Kinney, Appalachia, Mr." and Mrs-Norton R. Thomnscn. Fort Texas: Mr. Floyd Rhodes Thompson, Decatur: Mr.

and Mrs. E. Marshal Rust, Wash-, ington, D. Mr. and Mrs.

John Leland Marett, Seneca. S. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Thompson and the grandchildren are invited to attend the funeral of Mr.

John Floyd Thompson, Friday. April 21. 1939, at 10 o'clock at Spring Hill. Dr. Willis Howard will, officiate.

Interment, Crawfordyille, iGa. The following will serve as pallbearers: Mr. R. F. Davis, Mr.

Grady Louder-milk. Mr. Tom Carter. Mr. O.

L. Amsler, Mr. Louis Harris and Mr. J. B.

Overton. H. M. Patterson Son. WEST The friends and relatives of Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas Franklin West, Miss Grace West, Mr. Otis G. West, New Orleans, and Mrs. J.

W. Ivey. Mil-ledgeville, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Bass, Fitzgerald, At Tallahassee Albany 000 200 0002 11 5 Tallahassee 101 030 02x 7 12 2 Home and Zachritz; Pickle and Mrs. Harry L. Greene and Robert C. SALES TAX URGED AS FUNDS SOLUTION Youu could have Senator Holt Suggests Extra Legislative Session. Senator J.

T. Holt vesterrlav FRANKLIN TEACHERS SEEK GAINES' AID Special to THE CONSTITUTION. ROYSTON, April 20. A delegation of 21 members of the Franklin County -Teachers' Association yesterday visited Representative Homer W. Gaines in La-vonia to present their organization's recommendations in favor of a general sales tax to support the state's educational program.

Members of the delegation said Representative Gaines expressed himself in favor of reconvening the legislature before July 1, abolishing the present allocation system, eliminating the "grandfather clause" as it applies to school funds, adopting a revenue measure of the luxury tax type, and, if urged an immediate extra session of the legislature to raisA revenue Floored sue or curtailed services in education, health and welfare work. He said he favored a sales tax or any other bie-vield revenue to finance th administration's program. CHAFFIN, Mr. J. B.

The friends and relatives Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Chaffin, Mr.

and Mrs. W. P. Cates, Mr. and Mrs.

W. D. Dunson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mr.

and Mrs. George Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.

Chaffin, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Chaffin, Mr.

and Mrs. G. F. Chaffin, Mr. and Mrs.

J. Chaffin, Mr. and Mrs. N. B.

Chaffin, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Chaffin, Mr.

and Mrs. A. C. Chaffin, Mr. and Mrs.

E. H. Gregory, Mr. and. Mrs.

R. H. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. L.

S. Nail, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Smith are invited to attend the funeral of Mr.

J. B. Chaffin this (Friday) afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Mount Carmel Methodist church. Rev. J.

E. Tate, Rev. J. W. Walker and Rev.

B. W. Barton will officiate. Interment, churchyard. Gentlemen selected to serve as pallbearers will please assemble at the residence at 2 o'clock.

Howard L. Carmichael. Senator Adie N. Durden, of Albany, who introdupftd th rpsnln- With a Feather" ana Mrs. jonn s.

west, Norfolk, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. West, Dublin, are invited to attend the funeral of Thomas Franklin West. Friday.

April 21, 1939, at 2:30 o'clock at the Caoitol Avenue Baptist church. Rev. G. J. Davis will officiate.

Interment, Greenwood cemetery. -The following will serve as pallbearers: Mr. J. M. Harrell, Mr.

L. G. Ferrell, Mr. E. F.

Rudisill. Mr. G. F. Garri tion requesting the Georgia Baajv- necessary, diverting highway funds ii i -vs mittee to survey state needs, asserted he still thnuffht "that wonlH seventh, but Stein bore down and shut the door in their dog-goned faces.

Hafey nailed a double against the left field signs with one away. Stein tossed out McLeod but the dangerous Babe Young walked. Then Stein whizzed three past Dutch Meyer. Mailho's homer in the eighth, which, sailed majestically over the right field barrier, gave the Crackers the lead for the first time. The Smokies came back to ti it again in their half.

Abernathy hit for two bases to right and was sacrificed to third by Reitz. Lee Riley's fly to Mailho barely got Abernathy home ahead of the throw. Fritz Oetting batted unsuccessfully for Stein in the ninth after Peters had lined out to right. Boiling's single to center got by Hafey and Jack sprinted to third. Mauldin drew a pass.

Mailho looked too tough arid got four straight balls, filling the bases. Youthful Lester Burge -was too eager and Vent down swinging. Bobby Durham took the mound in the ninth for Atlanta. Hal King batted for Swigart and singled sharply to right. Hafey sacrificed him to second.

Bobby Durham outfoxed King, picking him off second and sending the game into extra innings. Pep Rambert went to the hill in the tenth for Knoxville. He got the Crackers in order. STRATEGY USED. The Crackers twice called on old man strategy to halt the enemy in the Smoky half.

Dutch Meyer doubled with one down. Abernathy was purposely passed. Meyer took thh-d on Reitz's long fly to center. Riley, a left-handed batter was walked on purpose, filling the bases. Mauldin took Klumpp's pop.

Alf Anderson batted for Durham with one down in the eleventh and lined a beauty into left for a single. Boiling and Mauldin failed to come through. Clyde Smoll toed the rubber in the last of the eleventh. Ram-' bert greeted him with a' single. Hafey bunted and Boiling foolishly tried for a force out at second, but missed by many feet, both runners going safe.

McLeod's long fly to Rucker sent Rambert to third and Young's blow brought him in with the winning run. 1. 1 was afraid I was being sued when I got this call from the lawyer. But when I arrived at his office I found all the relatives gathered for the reading of the will of Uncle Jake, who went to Australia when I was practically a babe in arms be the best way of determining where and how economy and effi to pay Georgia teachers, Representative Gaines, they said, would riot state that he favors a general sales tax, but that he would not say he would vote against it "I will do anything," they quoted him as saying, "to finance the schools nearly." ciency could be achieved." The bankers' association rerentlv de in i mmiiiiiiiiiiiiMii urn clined to make the investigation. SCOUT AD3E IS VISITOR.

COLUMBUS. Anril 5n 1 MORTUARY son. W. Gaines, Mr. H.

H. Wilson, Mr. Emory Caldwell and Mr. J. P.

Morgan. The mem- bers of the board of deacons and Men's Bible Class of the Capitol Baptist church will act as honorary escort. The remains will lie in state at the church from 2 until 2:30 o'clock. H. M.

Patterson Son. Wes H. Klausmann, of the nation- MISS MINNIE HENRY. MisS' Minnie Henry. of Summerville, Card of Thanks.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to our many friends and relatives for their sympathy and kindness shown us during our recent bereavement. MR. J. D. HINDSMAN AND FAMILY.

ar omce of the Boy Scouts, visited local Boy Scouts yesterday. He visited the Scouts' Camp McKen-zie, near here, and will make recommendations as to the set-up for the summer camp. member of a well-known Chattooga county family, died here yesterday at a private hospital after an illness of several months. Surviving 'are two sisters. Mrs.

W. G. Elder and Miss Katherine Henry, and two brothers. John -P. and Oscar Henry, all of Summerville.

Funeral services will be conducted at 3 o'clock Sun COLORED) ANDERSON, Mrs. Rachel of rear 117 Chapel street, died April 19 at a local hospital. Funeral announced Sellers Bros. day afternoon at the Summerville Bap tist church. Burial will be in the Henry family cemetery.

Mrs. Harry Hewitt, of Newnati. and a brother, O. A. Hines.

of Atlanta. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 clock tomorrow afternoon at the Douglasville Baptist church. Burial will be in the city cemetery there under direction of Dodson Ac Nunnally. (COLORED.) BRISCOE, Mr. Mack of 234 Houston street, N.

will be interred today in Lincoln cemetery, 1 p. m. Hanley Co. (COLORED.) ELLWORTH, Mr. Ison of 374 Henry street, S.

passed "away April 20. Funeral an-, nounced later. Hanley's Ashby Street Funeral Home. MRS. IDATYSON.

Mrs. Ida Tyson. 48. of 476 Central ave nue, S. died yesterday morning at ner nome.

surviving are four daughters. Misses Florence. Arnie. Eula and Eva (COLORED.) ROGERS, Mr. Willie the father of Mr.

Ozell Rogers, passed away recently. Funeral an-nouncements later. Hanley Co. LODGE NOTICES Tyson; two sons, William and James Ty son, and a sister. Mrs.

Lee Butts. The body was sent last night to Carrollton. for funeral services and burial under direction of J. Austin Dillon. 2.

I'd never laid eyes on Undo Jake, so I almost fell out of my chair when the lawyer announced that the whole estate had been left to me. The relatives were fit to be tied and as for me, I must say that's one time I felt that I really needed a drink The regular communication of W. D. Luckie Lodge No. 69.

F. A. will be held in its temple at West End this Fridayl evening at 7:30 O'clock. The Master Masnn'e JEROME F. JONES.

Jerome F. Jones. 41. AUanta World War (COLORED) BERRT, Mr. Perry Frank of 979 Sims street, died April 16 at Cleveland, Tenn.

Funeral announced later. Sellers Bros. McDaniel St Parlor. (COLORED.) PRICE, Dr. Thomas of 729 Fraser street passed away at a local hospital April 20.

Funeral an- nounced later." Pollard Funeral Home. degree will be conferred in full dramatic form. Our Fellowcraft club will take part in the third section of the degree. AH duly qualified brethren are cordially veteran, died yesterday morning at an Augusta hospital. Surviving are his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Jones; a brother, W.

J. Jones, and two sisters. Mrs. W. J.

Westmoreland, and Mrs. Odessa Gilbert. urviiea anena. tsy oraer ot W. E.


all of Atlanta. Funeral arrangements are 10 oe announced Dy J. Austin Dillon. Why Ten High has "No Rough Edge' Until you taste Ten High you'll find it hard to believe that any whiskey at any price can ROBERSON, Mr. Bill passed away recently.

The remains are in our funeral home pending completion of arrangements. Hanley Co. J. B. CHAFFIN.

J. B. Chaffin. 73. died vesterdav morn The regular communication of Lakewood Lodge No.

443, F. Sc A. will be held in its hall at Lakewood Heights this "Friday evening. April 21. 1939.

at 8 o'clock. The Fel WALTON, Mr. John the husband of Mrs. Anna Walton and the father of Mr. C.

B. Walton, died at his residence, 13 Byrd street, April 19. Funeral announced later. Haugabrooks. ing at his home irv Morrow.

Surviving are his wife: four daughters, Mrs. W. P. Cates. Mrs.

W. D. Dunson, Mrs. Harry Hinton and Mrs. George Bowen; five lowcraft Degree will be conferred bv 1 1 "7 ANCHRUM, Mrs.

Sarah Friends our senior warden. Brother H. L. Wash ington. All members of Lakewood lodse are urged to be present.

Visiting brethren are cordially invited to meet with us. By order of 'be so rich, yet be so gloriously light in body! Hero's tho Socrott Ten High is distilled under, doubly careful control in the world's largest distillery. Nothing is left to chance nothing can mar its perfectly balanced, light-bodied flavor. Check the difference today. Ask for Ten W.


CQMPTON. Sec and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anchrum and family are invited to attend the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Anchrum, Saturday at 11 a.

m. at the residence, 659 Delbridge St, W. Interment, Indian-Springs, Ga. Ivey morticians. JOHNSON, Mrs.

Lizzie the mother of Mrs. Lillian Geer, of Atlanta, died at the home of, her daughter, Mrs. Cora Redd, 654 North Hull street Athens, Thursday at 2 a. m. The funeral arrangements to be announced later.

Mack Payne, undertakers. JJ 1.00 1 Ml PINT I Ll oil ART 1 A regular communication of the A. Minor Lodge No. 603, F. A.

will be held in the lodge corner Flat Shoals and Glenwood avenues, this I Friday April 21. com sons. j. w. g.

r. J. k. and n. b.

Chaffin, and five sisters. Mrs. E. H. Gregory.

Mrs. R. H. Miller, Mrs. L.

F. Nail. Mrs. R. T.

Smith and Mrs. L. W. Miller. Funeral services will be conducted at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the Mount Carmel Methodist church by the Rev.

J. W. King. Burial will be in the churchyard under direction of Howard L. Carmichael.

'J. L. MANER. J. L.

Maner. 75. of 5 Morris street, N. died yesterday morning at his home. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs.

Carl Jordan. Mrs. W. R. Felker, Miss C.

T. Maner and Mrs. Bell Clinkscale; two sons. L. F.

and O. A. Maner, and several grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the Collins Sorings Baptist church by the Rev. P.

L. Maner. Burial will be in the churchyard under -direction of Henry M. Blanchard. 3.

The lawyer understood! "Here, Double Your Enjoyment," he says. "Thanks," I says. "Now I can afford this rich whiskey." Then he flabbergasts me again! "You always could," he says. "It's Ten High the whiskey with No Rough Edges and it costs less than you think. Imagine, finding a swell, low-priced whiskey on the day you inherit a fortune! SAMS, Mrs.

Willie Mae The mencing promptly at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to meet with us. By order of Tech Frosh Netmen Capture 2 Matches Georgia Tech's freshman tennis team defeated North Georgia College, of Dahlonega, six matches to nothing yesterday at the Tech courts to gain their third victory in four starts. The seventh match on yesterday's program to be called because of darkness after, each team had one set. Johnson and Lindsay composed the Tech doubles team and Gleason and Rogers paired for North Georgia in the incompleted match.

The results: Lindsay. Tech. beat Gleason, 6-4, 6-2; Johnson, Tech. beat Rogers, 6-1. 6-3: Graham.

Tech. beat Peyton, 6-0, 3- 6. 7-5; Garland, Tech. beat Nichols. 6-4.

3-6. 8-6; Ferst. Tech. beat Ritten-berry. 6-1.

6-4; Graham and Hite, Tech, beat Peyton and Rittenberry, 6-4. 6-2. BABY JACKETS BEAT EMORY. The Baby Jacket netmen turned back Emory Junior College at Oxford Wednesday, 5-2. The results: Lindsay, Tech, beat King.

4- 6. 6-0, 6-3; Johnson. Tech, beat Roach, 5- 7. 6-4. 6-4; Graham.

Tech. beat Smith. 6- 4. 10-8; Garland. Tech, beat Strother, 8-6.

S-7: Moftett. Emory, beat Ferst, 6-1. 6-2: Johnson and Lindsay. Tech. beat King and Strother.

6-1. 1-6. 8-6; Roach and Smith. Emory, beat Garland and J. KAlfl3, K.

J. STRTPLTN, Sec. High at your favorite bar or liquor store. It costs no more to Double Your Enjoyment of your drinks! 90 proof. Hiram Walker Sons Peoria, Illinois.

friends and relatives of Mrs. Willie Mae Sams are invited to attend her funeral tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 a. m. from An-tioch Baptist church, Lithonia, Rev. J.

T. Dorsey and others officiating. Interment Lithonia cemetery. Cox Bros, of Lithonia. The regular communication of Palestine Lodge No.

488. F. A. will be held in the Masonic temple, corner Peach-tree and Cain streets, this (Friday I evening beeinnina" at 7:30 MARTIN, Mrs. Sallie Butler The friends and relatives of Mrs.

Thelma B. Hankerson and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. E.

Good-lett and family and Mrs. Maggie Williams and family are invited to attend the funeral of Mrs. Sallie B. Martin, Saturday at 2 o'clock from Friendship Baptist church, Rev. -E.

R. Carter of i ciating. Interment, South View. Ivey morticians. o'clock.

The Fellowcraft degree will be conferred by tne worshipful master. Visitins brethren, duly Qualified, will MILLS, Miss Louise The friends be cordially welcomed. By order of EHHETT M. STEELE, W. M.


Funeral services for W. Harris. 84. of 801 South Church street. East Point, who died Wednesday at his home, will be conducted at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the East Point Church of Christ by the Rev.

W. C. Neal. Burial will be in Crest Lawn cemetery under direction of Howard L. Carmichael.


Miller, 54. of Douglasville, mother of Norris Miller, of the Atlanta police department, and of Guy Miller, also of AUanta. died, here last night at a private hospital. Also surviving are her husband; a daughter. and relatives of Miss Louise Mills, of 1055 Smith street, S.

are invited to attend her funeral today at 11 a. m. from Mt Olive Baptist church. Rev. Witherspoon will officiate.

Interment Athens. Ga. The regular communication of Center Hill Lodge No. 688. F.

A. will be held in its temple this (Friday! evening. April 21. at 7:30 o'clock. The E.

A. degree will be conferred. (COLORED) in Memoriam. In memory of our dear son and brother, Mr. John Trammell who departed this life today one year ago.

Gone but not forgotten. MRS. ETHEL TRAMMELL. Mother. EVELYN TRAMM SI .1 Sister.

All Qualified brethren are invited to meet with us. By order of fc) A t) () fj v2 UHl 6) (2 Hanley's Ashby Street Funeral Home. Li. E. SMliH, W.

VL. JASON A. TUCCLE, Sec Graham. 2-6. 6-4..

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